Questionnaire for prospective puppy buyers

Kennel Element of Desire

Questionnaire for prospective puppy buyers

Please consider that you have the time needed for your future Xolo. And the love and care your futures dog deserves during his life. Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions. Please submit this form as soon as possible so I can start my file for you. These questions will help me to understand your lifestyle and what you prefer to give me a better position to make a better choice for you. Every dog ​​is unique and different, just as we humans differ from each other. Take the time to learn as much as you can about the breed before & do not hesitate to ask questions. Thank´s in advance!

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Your work & hours?

Do you travel at work?

Will the Xolo be left alone?

If so, for how long?

Care during the first months?

Growns ups in your family?

Number of kids, gender & age?

Hobbies & activities?

Do you live in a house/apartment?

Do you rent or own?

Do you have a garden?


Where will the Xolo live?

Any other pets?

Do your neighborgs have dogs?

Are you brought up with pets?

What kind of pets?

Have you met a Xolo before?

Have your read any dog litterature?

Have you had a purebred dog previously?

Does everyone in your family want a Xolo?

How did you first hear about the Xolos?

Why do you want a Xolo?

Do you want a female or a male Xolo?

Naked or with fur?

Puppy or adult?

Have you ever been to a exhibition?

Do you have experience in exhibiting?

Do you have experience in training dogs?

What are your goals for your Xolo?

Do you plan on breeding?

Would you like to attend a puppy course?

What veterinarian do you have?

What magazines regarding dogs do you read?

Are you a member of a club?

Are allergic to any type of animal?

Management of behavior problems?

What are you favorite optional breed?



Is there anything else you want us to know?