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Puppies Ixtlahuacan – Xibalba´s Poyahuac

The puppies where born 1 January 2014. 3 coated females, 1 naked male and 3 naked females. If interested please contact me!

DKK Int show Vejen 16/9

Yolli did it again!!! – BEST OF GROUP-4 & BOB with CACIB. Judged under Marja Kavcic and my Progeny Group with Tlacatl and his offsprings enden up BEST IN SHOW-3

Puppies 5 weeks Nezaualcoyotl EoD-Ixtlahuacan

Fortune – BOG-4 at SKK Int show Visby 26/8

YEES! Today Fortune ended up BEST OF GROUP-4, BOB with CACIB and got his last CAC so now he is SE UCH, he also will get the titels NUCh, DK UCH and NORD CH!! Judged under Eeva Rautala, FIN and Rui Oliveira, PORT. A huge thank you to the judges!!

WDS Salzburg 2012

We had a great weekend with lovely wheather, beautiful Salzburg and a lot of joy. The result ended up: Females; Yoloxochitl EoD exc2 open class & R-CAC, Xibalbas Papalotl exc2 in junior class & Vice Junior World Winner, Xibalba´s Onoc exc4 in champion class. Males; Extra Elegant EoD exc2 open class & R-CAC, Nezaualcoyotl EoD […]

DKK Int show, Roskilde

5th of may BEST IN SHOW-1 Progeny group with Tlacatl & his offsprings!!!!! 2 of 2 times this year. I just can´t believe it. A Huge thank´s to Judge Michael Clancy, Irland. Nezaualcoyotl EoD BOB & CACIB and  Yolochoxitl EoD BOS & CACIB 6th of may BEST IN SHOW-3 Progeny group with Tlacatl & his […]

Awards 2012

BEST IN SHOW-R & BEST IN GROUP-1 at SKK int show Gothenburg Krastotka Star First Fortune BEST IN SHOW-1 Progeny group in Denmark, DKK Int show Fredericia with Tlacatl and his offsprings BEST IN SHOW-2 Puppy Xibalbas Papalotl at SKK Int show Malmö

Enya EoD & Tlacatl

Puppies are growing – now 4,5 weeks old Today they where outside playing in the sun for the very first time. They loved it! 5 PUPPIES from Enya EoD-Tlacatl born 13 mars 2012 Now they are 3 weeks and they are 2 coated females, 2 coated males and 1 naked female. The caoted ones have […]

SKK Int Show Malmö 16 mars 2012

Xibalbas Paplotl -BEST IN SHOW-2 PUPPY out of ca 65 puppies in the final. An amazing result! Krastotka Star First Fortune – Best Male-2, CACIB & CAC Nezaualcoyotl EoD – BOB with CACIB and was picked for short cut in the group final Yolochochitl EoD – BOS with CAC; CACIB & SWEDISH CHAMPION today!!!

DKK Int Show in Fredericia, Denmark 12 februari 2012

BEST IN SHOW-1 Progeny group – Tlacatl and his offsprings Yolochochitl EoD – BEST IN GROUP-4 & of course BOB, CACIB, CAC & DANISH CHAMPION today!!